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Sex starved woman drags parents to court In Zimbabwean



A 20- year-old Zimbabwean woman has dragged her parents to court for barring her from staying with her husband.

According to her, her parents were infringing on her right to have sex with her husband.

The parents are arguing that their daughter’s husband has not paid lobola (a bride price, usually paid with cattle).

Spiwe Kwenda(20), of Mutiti Village, surprised all and sundry when she dragged her parents to court for interfering with her marriage, ZimNews reports.

Kwenda told Buhera Magistrate Dennis Mangosi that her parents, Ian Kwenda and Violent Dhuvadhuve, were disrupting her marriage by forcing her to come back home.

She further argued she was being deprived of her right to have sex with her husband.

“The two are disturbing my marriage which is very bad. My mother confiscated my clothes and refused to hand them back to me,” said Spiwe.

Dhuvadhuve however argued that Spiwe ran away from home without informing her parents.

“We want our daughter to return home because her husband has never paid us even a single cent. We want her husband to pay lobola. We want three beasts from her husband,” said Dhuvadhuve.

Magistrate Mangosi is said to have granted the woman a peace order.

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