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See The Married Teacher Who Quit After Being Caught Having S*x With A Pupil Inside Classroom (Photo)



Tennille Whitaker, a 40-year-old married primary school teacher has quit in disgrace after she was accused of romping with at least two pupils.


According to Daily Star UK, the woman is said to have had s*x with the 16 and 18-year-olds during a two-year period.


Some sessions reportedly took place at school. And investigators suspect the mum-of-two could have slept with more students.


Whitaker was arrested after an “unconventional” eight-month probe which included police spying on her. It was triggered when a parent saw Whitaker “inappropriately” behind a closed classroom door with a student.


She had been on paid admin leave since June from Wells Elementary School, Nevada, as the investigation continued.


But education bosses say she has now resigned, reports the Elko Daily Free Press.


Whitaker faces eight charges of sexual conduct with a pupil. The lads are from a nearby high school.


Police started their investigation last October following the tip-off from the parent.


Undersheriff Ron Supp said: “We have two students that have been involved. But we think there are possibly more.”


He added: “We did some unconventional investigation.

“We did a lot of surveillance and some things like that and we were able to gather a lot of information that led us to circle around and we finally got down to the arrest.”


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She had worked 11 years for Elko County School District, who started their own probe in February.


Superintendent Jeff Zander admitted the school and sheriff’s investigators met with resistance during the investigation.

“Nobody was really willing to testify or give a statement that said ‘yes, this happened,'” he said.


Whitaker is due in court on September 11.