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See The Evil Mother Who Locked Her Own Son Inside A Bathroom For 2 Years And Starved Him Badly (Photos)



Brandy Jaynes is an evil 36-year-old mum who locked her 12-year-old son in a bathroom for two years.


The woman has been jailed after her horrific child abuse was finally exposed.


According to The Sun UK, Brandy Jaynes, of Toquerville, Utah, USA, starved the boy until he weighed just two stone when he was rescued.


Court documents revealed how Jaynes kept her son prisoner inside the family’s upstairs bathroom for 24 months.


She was sentenced on Monday for 15 years at Utah State Prison after pleading guilty to child abuse charges in July.


In his conclusion, a judge said: “Anything less in this case would not be in the interests of justice.”


The boy’s father, Russell, was also charged, reports Good4Utah.


At the time her son was found “resembling a World War II concentration camp victim” when he was discovered unable to stand up on his own.


Investigators believe he was likely kept in darkness in the filthy bathroom.


The evil incident occurred at this home


The boy’s two brothers told cops he had been in there at least a year and they had not even spoken to him through the door in the last six months.

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A video camera was found in the room that was capable of WiFi monitoring.


Washington County Lt David Crouse said: “The child looked like he was the victim of a concentration camp from World War II.”


The Lieutenant also explained how a baby monitor had been set up so that people outside the room could speak to him and tell him what to do.


The little boy spent several weeks in Dixie Regional Medical Centre recovering after his father after found him locked up and covered by a blanket.


Officers searched the home and found three-square-feet of duct tape mounted on the light switch so it could not be turned on.


He weighed just 30 pounds which is considered by the Centers for Disease Control to be the average weight for a two-year-old.


A police statement described the bathroom as being covered in faeces and that the toilet bowl was “full to the point that you could not see any water”.


Cops also found latches on the door so it could be locked from the outside.


Lieutenant Crouse added: “It would be my definition of a torture room.

“There was a faecal matter and urine of the floor, there was open cans of food, like cans of beans with a spoon in it; there was also a video camera capable of WiFi monitoring.”

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