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Recent Research Reveals That Most Nigerian Men Are Looking For Rich Older Women To Date (DETAILS)



Everyone wants sex (except you are celibate or a eunuch), and the high demand of it is one of the reasons why prostitutes are a natural phenomenon. It is essentially sex on demand.

Prostitution caters to the need of men. There are women who are in the trade of selling their bodies to the highest bidders. It’s a carnal commerce and from recent research, Nigerian men aren’t just the buyers but suppliers.

A search on Google Trends shows that the term “sugar mummy” has been searched more times than “sugar daddy” in the last five years. According to a quick research by Yemi Johnson of Hotels.Ng, Nigeria is the leading country in the search for “sugar mummy” in the world followed by other African countries, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda, and Zambia.

The stats show that a lot of Nigerian men are in the search of sugar mummies- older women who trade money for sex. There is no clear reason why the search for a sugar mummy is high in Nigeria. It might have something to do with the get rich quick mentality of many Nigerians. For an average guy in search of riches, bedding a 50-year-old or 60-year-old female millionaire is a stress-free way to make that money.

The sugar mummy industry is not as publicized as the sugar daddy industry. It is common to see a young, attractive chick with an old man in a restaurant or night club. There are places where sugar daddies hunt for the next hot thing.

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For older women, things are not that open. There have been whispers of certain Nigerian celebrities fanning the flames of the lust of old ladies who refuse to bow out to menopause. These women gift their young lovers with expensive cars, contracts, houses and pricey phones…or so they say.

For the guys, it’s just a way to move up the social ladder. There are worse ways to get rich in this country. Sleeping with old ladies is not illegal and as long as your conscience is cool with it, there is no problem.

For the guys in the tech industry in Nigeria, it would be a no brainer to create a social media app for young men to hook up with old rich women. At least this might stop guys from scribbling their numbers on the walls of public restrooms.

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