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President Trump Trolls Twitter By Tweeting Obama Eclipse Meme



Honestly, President Trump really has time for trifles. He took to his Twitter account to troll Americans by tweeting a meme that has been making the rounds on social media.

The meme comes after the moon eclipsed the sun on Monday and it shows Trump eclipsing and blocking former President Obama. He captioned it: “The Best Eclipse Ever.”

In essence, Trump was saying he has overshadowed Obama. Obama supporters expressed their outrage on Twitter, calling Trump’s tweet childish and immature. Though it was a metaphorical tweet, people still reminded Trump that the moon eclipses the sun thereby “blocking out all light from the world.”

They went on to point out that if Trump had really thought about it, he’ll realise that it means he (the moon) is blocking the world’s source of light and life by blocking Obama (the sun).

Social media users responded with by creating another meme where Obama’s face eclipsed Trump’s.

See Twitter reactions to Trump’s tweet below.

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