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Mr President, What Difference Does It Make Now You’re Back? – Umeh



Dear Sir,

        With good tidings I bring to you Mr President. I am very happy that you are now back to this country to see the mess you turned it into before you left to London to enjoy on a sick bed. 

        I might probably be a young school leaver but I have passion in the interest of my people and that’s why I stand for the truth. You were just making headlines in Nigeria whilst you were dying in London. 

       Before I say anything, I just want to say some few truths to you. The must of the truth is that you’ve got loads of haters whom wants you to die. I don’t want you to die but to be strong to face the hardship in this country.

         The basic fact of this letter is that if I were you, I wouldn’t come back to this country. The basic reason is because you are so useless whether here or not here. When you were here, dollar went as high as 400 Naira but in your London stay, it dropped to 365 Naira. 

         Now that you’re back, I think you should start preparing your luggages to go back to your village because you would certainly loose the next election. As a wise President, I think you should keep the money meant for your next campaign.

          In conclusion, I am not really happy about your speech this morning because it doesn’t show that of someone who is a civilian leader but rather a tyrant or military leader talking about one old Ojukwu who would probably kill you if he was alive. And as for the biafra thing, I am in full support. I pray you get better and the almighty Allah help you and as for me, the almighty God bless you.

                                                 Yours faithfully,