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Men: Use This Tip From “Game Of Thrones” To Jack Up Your Sexual Performance



If you are not living under a rock, you must have heard about the highly popular Game of Thrones TV series.
And if you are not watching, you are missing a lot.
Anyway, I want to share a very valuable lesson with you from that TV series that will boost your sex drive, strength, virility and fertility as a man
But first, let me introduce you to what  is called “Your Natural Male Energy”
As a man, the level of your natural male energy is responsible for your masculinity and how you behave as a man.
Increase in your natural male energy means a boost in your strength, virility and fertility as a man.
And decrease in your natural male energy means you are weaker.
A low natural male energy is one of the TOP reasons why more men are weak and unable to perform as men these days especially in the bedroom.
So, what tip in Game of Thrones will help you to increase your natural male energy?
Here is it:
In Game of Thrones, there is a special tribe of warriors known as the Dothraki.
They are strong and very masculine.
Not just in war but also in bed and their women love them for it.
One of the main factors that makes them strong and masculine is their diet.
The Dothraki feed on a diet that makes men strong and active as men.
What do I mean?
When men ask me for help about their poor performance in bed despite all the “agbo jedi” they have been drinking around town, one of the first questions I ask them is – “WHAT IS YOUR DIET LIKE?”
And in most cases…I find out that they eat like women.
A man who eats like a woman will lack the
masculine energy to act like a man.

Today’s men feed mostly on foods like: rice, sugary foods, pap, salad and only take a little bit of protein.
As a man, you ought to be including enough quality proteins in your food in form of: Eggs, fish, beans, chicken, red meat, sea food etc
Adding a good amount of quality protein to your diet encourages muscle growth and boosts your body’s ability to function optimally as a man.

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The lesson here is simple:
“If you want to jack up your sexual performance as a man, one of the most important things you can do is to stop eating foods that make you weak and start consuming more foods that make you strong as a man should”
But apart from your diet, there are other factors that help to improve your masculinity and bedroom performance.

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