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Kodak Black – 1000 | DOWNLOAD MP3



Kodak Black remains a riddle wrapped in an enigma. While the young rapper has amassed his fair share of critics due to a few off-the-cuff remarks and a sordid legal past, it’s hard to deny the raw talent that Kodak Black brings to his music. His recent album Project Baby 2, for example, featured an enjoyable mix of bangers and introspective character development. In short, it helped elevate Kodak from his peers, who aren’t nearly as lyrically gifted as the drawl-heavy rhymer .

Kodak has decided to keep his momentum alive, dropping a new single on Youtube. “1000s ” finds Kodak going in over a beat that sounds like something mid-two thousands T.I. might have hopped on, and Kodak makes himself at home over synthesized fanfare and southern trap drums. While the overall mixing is somewhat questionable, Kodak comes through with some energy and comical punchlines, likening himself to a “vampire” version of “Quagmire.” Unfortunately, he also busts out the cringeworthy Fred Flintstone-“bed rock” line, which has been used so many times it should probably .


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