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Hurricane Harvey: How A Brave Mother Died While Saving Her 3-Year-old Daughter From Deadly Floods In Texas



A toddler who was shiveringand filled with fear was found clinging to her drowned mother in a flooded canal after she died trying to save the child from Hurricane Harvey.


According to The Sun UK, the mum’s car became submerged in an office car park after two inches of rain an hour battered down on America’s fourth largest city with 38mph gusts of wind.


A witness told how she saw the woman carry her three-year-old daughter to safety when the swift current of a flooded drainage canal swept her and her child away.


Captain Brad Penisson, from Beaumont fire rescue said the child was holding onto the floating woman when emergency services in a boat caught up to them a half-mile downstream.


Rescuers pulled them into the boat just before they would have gone under a railroad trestle where the water was so high that the boat could not have followed.


First responders lifted the child from her mother’s body and tried to revive the woman, but she never regained consciousness.


Penisson said the child was in stable condition at Christus St. Elizabeth Hospital.


The identities of mother and child were being withheld until the father, who was out of town, can be notified.

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