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How False Prophet Nearly Destroyed My Wedding Day (Photos)



A Nigerian man has warned people to be very careful with some supposed men of God as they could be an obstacle in one’s progress with false prophecies.


Anthony Igbinosun shared the experience of how a man of God nearly ruined his marriage saying: “A few weeks before my wife and I got married, something happened. After church one Sunday, a man approached her on her way back home and told her that God gave him a message for her. He said, ‘God told me to tell you that the man you are about to get married to is not the right person for you.’ 



Although she knew what God had said about our marriage in times past, a shadow of doubt was cast on her mind. This was a complete stranger, yet how did he know that she was about to get married? When she got home, she went into prayer. ‘Lord, show me the truth,’ she pleaded. 

Suddenly, her eyes were opened and she saw the boot of a car, and in this boot were piles of wedding souvenirs. On one of the jotters, she saw her picture and mine, with the inscription GOZIE WEDS OSAS. Then she heard a clear voice saying: ‘THIS IS A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN’. 

The devil is a bastard. 

I once shared on Facebook that the best thing one can do for himself or herself is to learn how to hear from God before choosing a spouse. While a spiritual mentor, pastor, prophet can also provide insights and enquire from God on your behalf, it’s best to get the truth from God BY YOURSELF. That way, when trouble comes and doubts are about to settle, you will remember what God told YOU. 

God bless!”

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