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Groom-to-be spent 26 Hours In Agony With Broken Back On £2,000 Holiday Island Where There Was Only One Doctor



A groom-to-be spent 26 hours in agony with a broken back while on a £2,000 holiday island with only one doctor.

Shane Carter had visited the tiny African island of Boa Vista with fiancee Lacie Catchpole.

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After falling ill following a freak wave accident, Shane was stuck in an ill-equipped hospital for three days while he coughed up blood.

The couple have now hit out at travel firm Thomson, claiming they were abandoned and forced to contact the British Embassy and insurers to get an emergency flight home.

The childhood sweethearts, both 27, were just four days into their all-inclusive holiday to Cape Verde when disaster struck while they were paddling in the crystal clears waters.

Suddenly a 10ft swell appeared out of nowhere and swept Shane into the air and dropped him on his head.

He would have been dragged out to sea if his quick-thinking jiu-jitsu loving fiancee hadn’t pulled him to shore.