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Former Escort Who Hired A Hit Man To Kill Her Newlywed Husband Is Denied Bond (Video)



A former Florida escort who married one of her customers and then plotted to murder him was last week denied bond by an appeals court judge following her retrial conviction.

The Fourth District Court of Appeal ruled against Dalia Dippolito’s allegation that police violated her constitutional rights in 2009 and entrapped her.

The Wednesday’s ruling means the defendant will go to trial for a second time for the murder plot against her now ex-husband.

According to prosecutors, 34-year-old Dalia Dippolito was found guilty of felony solicitation of first-degree murder in June for hiring a hitman to kill her newlywed husband in 2009.

She was recorded on video and audio offering a hit man $7,000 to kill her new husband, Michael Dippolito. Dalia is heard telling the hitman she was “5000 percent sure she wanted Michael dead” when the hitman asked if she truly wanted her husband whom she recently got married to.

When the police informed her that her husband was dead, she faked a tearful scene that was captured on video by the “Cops” TV show outside her Boynton Beach, Florida home.


But the entire scene was planned as the hitman turned out to be an undercover cop, and her husband was alive and well.

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Michael is said to have met Dalia in 2009 when he hired her to provide intimate services. Dalia conned Michael into believing she was in love with him. The couple tied the knot, but she was dismayed to learn that Michael, who was a conman himself, was not as financially well off as he led her to believe.

After learning of his financial capability, Dalia decided he was worth more dead than alive.

In 2011, Dalia was convicted and sentenced to 20 years in prison. But her conviction and sentence were thrown out on appeal and she was released on house arrest.

She rose to national notoriety when she alleged that the police recordings of her talking about killing her husband were just part of an acting job for her reality TV ambitions.

A retrial ended in a hung jury (3-3). Dalia was subsequently convicted by another jury of her peers in June. At a hearing on July 21, she was sentenced to 16 years in prison.

On Wednesday, an appeals court judge upheld the lower court’s decision and denied Dalia’s request to be set free on bond while she appeals her latest conviction.

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