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Wow You Won’t Believe This 33-Year-Old Fitness Model, Sarah Stage Is 6 Months Pregnant



33-year-old fitness model Sarah left fans shocked in 2015 when she chronicled her pregnancy journey on social media with her tummy barely showing a hint of a bump until her son was born.

Now, 2 years after, she’s pregnant again with her second child and her tummy is just as shockingly flat as the first time.

She announced her second pregnancy last month when she was 5 months gone with a photo of her cupping her non-existent bump. Since then, she’s been sharing photos of her still flat tummy and even a video of her working out while pregnant. Some fans have called her out for working out but she says her doctor approves and she has reduced her usual workout time from 30 minutes to 10 minutes maximum a day.

She recently shared an adorable photo with her son on the beach where she was dressed in a denim patterned bikini that showed off her enviable figure with washboard abs.

She captioned the picture “#6monthspregnant” with an emoji of a baby.