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Violent Lover Stuffed Locusts Down Girlfriend’s Trousers, Put Snake On Her Face, And Banned Her From Seeing Dying Mum



A woman whose controlling partner terrorised her with a snake and a live locusts during a horrific campaign of domestic violence has told of her ordeal after he was jailed for 27 months.

Chloe Hood, 23, was subjected to a two-year campaign of abuse by Stuart McEwan who beat her up, bombarded her with 5,000 phone calls and abusive texts and stopped her from seeing her dying mother.

The 26-year-old, who is 6ft 7ft tall, regularly locked tiny 5ft 2in Chloe in her flat in Galston, Ayrshire, and ripped up her clothes to prevent her going out.

McEwan’s cruelty included forcing her to hold his pet python to her face, ordering her to eat a sock and scalding her on a radiator.

During one attack, McEwan picked up a live locust – feed for his pet lizard – held her mouth shut and pushed the wriggling insect up her nose.

He then shoved one of the creatures down her jeans.

At Kilmarnock Sheriff Court today, he was jailed for 27 months after earlier admitting the campaign of abuse.

He was also given an eight-year non-harassment order banning him from contacting Chloe.

Chloe said:

“We met through mutual friends and he seemed like a nice guy at first, really funny and charming.

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“We moved in together but within a couple of months I saw a different side to him.

“He was very possessive and didn’t want to let me out of his sight.

“He made me quit my jobs in a call centre and a coffee shop because he didn’t want me talking to other men at work.

“When my mum was dying of cancer he would drive me from Ayrshire up to the hospital in Glasgow and then refused to let me out of the car.

“He didn’t want me seeing her and said she deserved to die. I lost precious moments with her when she was dying.

“Every time he did something bad to me he would be very apologetic and buy me expensive things or take me on a holiday.

“I kept giving him chance after chance but eventually I had to get away.”

She added: “We had moved to England for a fresh start and he had locusts which he bought to feed to his lizard and he shoved one of them up my nose.

“The thing was so big and I was terrified. After that I packed up my things and left, I had had enough.

“He started bombarding me with calls and texts and after speaking with friends I decided to go to the police.

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“I think the jail sentence could have been longer but I am happy with the non-harassment order. That makes me feel more settled and safe.”

McEwan, an electrical power linesman of Maybole, pled guilty to assaulting, threatening and placing Chloe in a state of fear and alarm on various occasions at locations in Ayrshire, Glasgow and Cumbria between August, 2013, and June, 2015.

The charges included repeatedly punching, kicking and slapping her, holding her against a radiator, forcing a live locust up her nose and down her jeans, preventing her from visiting her mother and her work, attempting to control her finances, damaging her clothing and detaining her against her will.

Phone records showed he had made 3,748 calls or voicemails and sent 1,749 texts.

Source; Sun UK