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SCAM ALERT! This Instagram User Claim To Be Selling Cloths But Don’t Deliver After Payment  



We got a mail from one of our readers reporting an Instagram user with username fashion_jannah for scam , the alleged scammer reportedly scammed his wife…… read his mail below… 

Hi Edujandon team,

My wife was scammed via instagram by an handle that claims to sell ladies clothings and accessories.
She paid into the handle’s given account after several dms on Instagram only for the handle to block her, delete the other side of the messages, even block the mobile via which they were communicating.
We have been sending her SMS for a week now to no avail. I just want to call her out so others do not fall victim as the handle is still posting pics of goods till now.
I have the transfer advice details (16,200).
I am not keen on the money but I just want to inform people to be careful especially on Instagram and who knows how many persons she would have done this to?
I will appreciate your support in this regards.

Below are screenshots