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Justin Bieber Runs Over Pap With His Truck Just Minutes After Leaving Church



Justin Bieber has accidentally hit a man with his car outside a Hollywood church.

The 23-year-old singer was photographed talking to police officers following the reported incident.

A man was photographed lying on the ground in apparent pain, with his camera equipment strewn around him as the pop star tried to help and stayed with the man for around 10 minutes until paramedics and police arrived.

Justin was then seen to jump out of his car to check on the man, leaning over him to offer assitance.

In a dramatic video, Justin is seen leaving the church and heading to his car as photographers snap pictures and video of him.

Justin pulls his car forward and a second later, a photographer who is stood filming screams and falls to the ground.

Justin gets out of his truck and runs over to the man to make sure he’s okay.

Kneeling down beside him, Justin reassures him and asks if he’s okay and appears to ask the crowd to give the man some space.

Justin can also be seen in the video talking to police officers after they arrived at the scene.

The photographer was then carried away on a stretcher into a waiting ambulance.

Onlookers began tweeting about the incident, with one saying: “justin bieber just ran someone over outside church”

Another said: “I hear the pap Bieber ran over is in hospital in a very bad way. Hope I hear different.

“Bieber was allegedly driving a black Ford F150 pickup truck, one pap jumped out of the way, another had his leg caught up in the wheel.”

While initial reports suggested that the vehicle was leased under Kourtney Kardashian’s name, Beverly Hills Police Department say there is no Kardashian connection to the incident that they’re aware of.

TMZ reports that Justin was leaving the Saban Theater, where he’d been worshipping at a City Church event when it happened.

He got a ride from a friend, while another drove his truck.

Police say the photographer suffered non life-threatening injuries to his lower body.

Mirror Online has contacted Justin’s representatives for comment.

It comes after he sensationally cancelled the remaining 14 dates of his Purpose World Tour, without giving his fans a real explanation, and reports surfaced that he was going to start his own church.

An Australian entertainment reporter claims that he was told by an unnamed insider that Biebs wants to “reconnect with his faith” and possibly start his very own church.

Richard Wilkins said on Today Extra: “I am led to believe that the real reason he has come off the road is because he wants to reconnect with his faith and he may be even planning to start his own church.”

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