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‘I’m Not Afraid Of ISIS’: Defiant Brit Beautician Moving To Iraq To Work For Popstar On ISIS Hitlist



A beautician moving to Iraq to work for a popstar on an ISIS hitlist, has defiantly declared she isn’t afraid of the terror group.

Laura Jones, 24, will be working for Kurdish revolutionary Helly Luv in the city of Erbil – which is just an hour away from the last ISIS stronghold of Mosul.

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Iranian singer and women’s rights campaigner Helly was put on the terror group’s ‘most wanted’ hitlist after filming a music video mocking ISIS and supporting the rival Kurdish Peshmerga troops.

But Laura, who owns Aura Beauty Studio told the Liverpool Echo : “I’m not scared because I know I will be safe and ISIS want you to be scared so you don’t travel and they have power.

“But they are the minority in Iraq now.”

She is preparing to make the big move from her home in Fazakerley, Liverpool, on Saturday after Helly Luv contacted her via instagram with the offer.

Laura said: “I asked her where the salon was thinking she would say Dubai or something like that.

“When she said Iraq I thought ‘as if’.

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“I googled her and saw she was on an ISIS hitlist. That’s the first thing I asked her about.

“She helps the Kurdish fighters who are all women and filmed a music video 2km away from the front line in Mosul.”

The controversial video racked up over a million hits and resulted in death threats for the star.

In it, she is shown throwing a petrol bomb and dancing with AK47-waving female peshmerga soldiers, provoking some Islamist groups in Iraqi Kurdistan.