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FANS: Jay-Z Named ‘4:44′ After The Hotel Where He Had An Incident In The Elevator With Solange?



There are still a lot of mysteries behind JAY-Z‘s recently released 4:44 album, but the biggest one of all still remains around the project’s title.

While Hov has already given an explanation behind 4:44‘s meaning, stating that it was the time he woke up in the morning to write the title track, there may be a double meaning that one fan is unveiling.

One Twitter user posted a photo from The Standard Hotel in New York City on Wednesday morning (July 26), which is the location where Solange put her hands on the “Smile” rapper in the elevator.

The photo displays the numbers “444”, as it happens to be the secondary address for the Boom Boom Room, which is a nightclub located at the top of the venue. According to DJ Booth, after 4 p.m., the address for the Boom Boom Room becomes 444 West 13th, which is the secondary entrance for the hotel.

While this could very well be a simple coincidence, it definitely stirs the pot for all of his stans, who are still working hard to uncover any secrets and theories behind Hov’s 13th studio album.