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19-Year- Old Girl Who Slept With Kingtblakhoc And Featured In His Videos Apologizes



Ada joined Kingtblackhoc gang of recent and she shouldn ’ t be more than 20 years of age .. She’ s featured in his porn videos , and uncensored snapchat stories .

Identified as Ada , she has sobered up and has apologized to her friends . She wrote on Her Snapchat ;

“ Hi guys these message is for everyone on my snap. I want to guess everyone is matured enough to know what’ s right from wrong . I know some of you guys care about me if not you won’ t want to show me the videos you see about me on the web and I ’ m really grateful for that ..

. .But please , I have seen these videos before and its really hurting okay . Some of you think this girl don ’ t care , se is not even moved with what ’ s going on . I swear guys I am but you don ’ t expect me to cry all day , I’ m trying to make amends of my wrong doing .

and for those who advised me, I ’ m grateful , and don ’ t think this girl is being adamant too it, your advise is what am working on . I really want to thank some people I call friends who never gave on me . there is a saying you only know your true friends in times of crisis.

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And I just hope you all understand me . Don’ t judge people always , you are no saint also . so please guys anything you see it just ignore and for tose that post on their snap . a job well done . and on Facebook also congrat. I hope all those pics and videos will make you someone in life. ”