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Guys! Here are 5 Reasons Why We Need To Stop Wasting Sperm



​1. we are killing our children

countries like luxemborg and spain are looking for more population; but here we are wasting our in-built children when we pour, either through masturbation, ‘head service’ or marathon sex. Their voice cry for justice!

2. little or no means to refill

some of us after burning so much calories worth 5000 naira as a result of overworking the spatula, we only buy smal bottle coke to refill. Currently feeling epileptic due to ‘over-do’ with no heavy food in sight

3. To enhance its thickness

Give intermitent(not sure if this word exist) break to the dudu to rest. This will make it stronger and it will produce productive cream. Stop stroking non-stop. Shuoo! In our local adage: ‘who born pikin dey rest.

4. To avoid manipulation

Time to go spiritual. Not much of a believer in fictitious beliefs but let me act like christian mothers alittle. When you pour in a girl, she controls your future. Dn’t say i didn’t warn u. Ur village people are not involved this time. Problem child in future may be as a result of depositing liquids in different hoes [hades included]

5. To gain self respect

girls now know us as fvck fvck.? Our reasoning are now wired to our pweek. How will girls respect us? Apart from a few exceptions that value the sperm? [3 days food] we pour; hence drink it so it doesn’t waste, others are not worth it.

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