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Actress, Kate Henshaw Attacks Femi-Fani Kayode For Wrongly Crediting a BIAFRA Statement To Her



Actress, Kate Henshaw took to her Twitter account to blast Femi-Fani Kayode for confusing her with a Biafra statement made by a ‘Ken Henshaw’ on Facebook.

Fani Kayode has now taken down the tweets he made about her

Read her tweets below….

[email protected] I hear that your good self is writing a rejoinder to an article on Biafra credited to me..

I am disappointed indeed!

2. @realFFK you at least know me even if by recognition and also know people who know me..

Ken Henshaw is NOT Kate Henshaw.!!!!

3. @realFFK at the very least sir, you should verify before writing emails and spreading it round.

Thank you with regards

I will NOT hesitate to rain curses/abuses on anyone, friend or foe, who continues to credit THAT write up to me!!

Get your facts right!!

Trust and believe, I am not one to shy away from speaking my mind..

Get SENSE and STOP crediting the Biafra statement making rounds to me!!