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Paul Okoye Gets Chastised By Fan For Revealing He Paid So Many People’s School Fees This Year; He Responds



Paul Okoye of P-Square took to his Instagram page to share a post about how he feels when he does things for people who can’t repay him back.

He captioned the post with:

My prayer this morning? God pls bless the needy? this year alone I have paid so many school fees, the ones I know and the people I have never met …. father lord ? with this thousands of people ? I can’t do it alone,?am almost giving up ?God pls touch the minds and hearts of those good men and women out there, to help the needy and bless them ? God this is all I ask for this morning ??amen .

A follower responded to the singer and chastised him for announcing about his deeds on social media. The follower wrote:

If you have paid so many School Fees, why saying it on media? Must Everything Go on Media?? Build Orphanage Homes in the 36 States? Then Come out & Loud It.. Akon Sold all his properties to Help His Country??? @rudeboypsquare

The singer later replied the follower that it is because of comments like that makes some people not to come out to help. See the conversation below:

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