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Nigerian Number One P0*n King, Kingtblakhoc Finally Reveals What He Pays His Naija P0*n Models



Nigerian P0*n king, @KingtBlakhoc, who got popular with his lavish Instagram lifestyle and sharing countless photos and videos from hotel rooms with unclad ladies; short, tall, dark, or light skinned – just name it, has revealed how much he pays Nigerian girls for all that.

KingtBlakhoc, who has a website where an interested fan can pay N10,000 a month to watch exclusive p****graphy clips, leaving fans in the dark on how much he pays ladies who roll with him, has finally revealed how much each girl gets. In a Snapchat post he made on May 4th, he revealed the breakdown of how his girls earns their cash.

The price ranges from 30k to 300k, depending on what the girl wants to do. However, all includes a nice treat, food and hotel money. The list he shared reveals that girls who he invites without having s*x can get as low as 30k, while girls he has s*x with on camera, with there face included earn as much as 300k.