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“Nigeria More Divided Under Buhari Than Any Time In History” – Charles Soludo 



Former Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria, CBN, Professor Chukwuma Soludo,​has observed that Nigeria as at “today has never been more divided than any time in our history.”

The former CBN governor, who made the remark in Enugu, also noted that Nigeria is at the verge of breakup.

He said only big ideas can save the country from an impending doom.

He said: “Ideas rule the world. Ideas constitute about 60 or 70 percent of the input needed to get any project done.

“Nigeria is a project, it is work in progress. African continent is a project and only big ideas; ideas work.

“It is through ideas that any nation, any continent has been built; any economy has been built, any political structure has been built and transformed.

“Nigeria is at a crossroad. We’ve been ranked one of the most fragile states in the world and there are nationalities’ questions.

“Nigeria as of today has never been more divided than any time in our history and so the search for the big ideas is to help in the transformation process that will really get Nigeria moving from point A to point B and also, leap forward and claim its rights in the comity of nations…

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“It is only big and transformative ideas that can do so. And so in this Big ideas podium of the African Heritage Institute, we are looking for the out of ordinary ideas, the missing links and the new thing that we need to put in place.”