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Meet The Pr0stitute Who Claims To Have Slept With Over 10,000 Men (Photos)



A former s*x worker who has slept with over 10,000 men has revealed exactly what it’s like in the s*x industry and what men really want in the bedroom. Gwyneth Montenegro was 21 when she first stepped into a brothel, lured by the prospect of earning £572 (AU$1,000) for an hour’s work.

The s*x worker spent 12 years sleeping with well-known lawyers, politicians and musicians, but now, aged 39, is glad to be out the other side.

She lifted the lid on her life between the sheets and said: “I was so young and naive when I started out. I was a good country girl.

“I was so surprised when someone paid me for s*x. “I wasn’t very experienced and the ladies told me ‘our basic thing is basic s*x and a massage’. “I was naive, I didn’t even know what the ‘extras’ were.”

Gwyneth would charge between £286 and £572 per hour depending on the “services” involved.

She said: “The money was really good and the money is what kept me in the industry for all those years. I don’t recommend anyone do it.”

And while many think that people book prostitutes to fulfil wild fantasies, the reality is often a little less crazy.

She revealed: “A lot of them don’t want all this hardcore kinky s*x — that’s such a small percentage of the men. “I was in the industry for 12 years — that’s a long time. But I didn’t see a lot of the men that had these sick fantasies.

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