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Man Mistakenly Transferred N860,000 To A Lady’s Account. See What She Did



Even in this current situation in Nigeria, some people are still kind hearted.

This is the story of a young lady that returned some money that was mistakenly transferred to her account. Her name is Zinny Adajiugo. She was minding her business when she received an sms bank alert. After a while the person called her and was begging her to return the money that he did it in error. She calmed the man down and told him she has a daily limit of 500k a day, so she transferred 500k yesterday and promised to transfer the rest today, and true to type she sent the rest of the money today. She said the reason why she did it was because of the way her mom trained her not to take what belongs to other people.

Attached are screen shots from her Facebook page of her narration on the incident