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Ladies, Checkout 10 Ways To Keep Peaceful Relationships With Broke Guys 



Most ladies don’t want to date broke guys not because they have nothing to offer financially, but because dealing with broke guys requires strategies, patience, endurance and perseverance. To have a very good relationship with broke guys, ladies need to take caution of some things summarized below.

Without wasting time, below are the ways to keep peaceful relationships with broke guys.

1. Don’t ask Him for a Kobo

Nigerian men are quick to insult and ridicule any girl that talks about money in a relationship. Asking a broke guy for money is not a good idea because a little amount of money will likely cause fight between you two. Imagine asking your broke boyfriend to at least present himself in a wealthy way to impress your female friends, by buying provision or something for them. He will feel unhappy and may tag you an evil person. Since broke guys know that most ladies are only in for material things, they seek out for ladies who will accept them for who they are, and will never ask them for kobo. In fact, the best way to be in a peaceful relationship with a broke due is to avoid asking him for money no matter how much you need it. (not even N100 recharge card)

2. Never Deny Him Sex

Most broke guys are naturally temperamental people and are quick to resort to violence especially when a woman denies them sex. Denying them sex is just like you’re bruising their ego because of their financial status. When your female friends are going places with their rich boyfriends, you are just there lying on his bed staring at each other’s faces in his bakery-like heated room. Denying him sex at this point is very dangerous as it can result to physical combat or capital punishment. We have heard stories of guys who used koboko on their girlfriends just because of sex.

3. Never bring a Friend along on a date

Nothing is as disastrous as dating a guy who is broke and at the same time, stingy. These are guys who will take a lady on a date and will be the ones to order on her behalf without even asking her. These are guys who will take a lady to Mr. Biggs and will order gala and kunu for her just to avoid spending unnecessarily. Imagine bringing your friend along with you on a date when your broke boyfriend has already budgeted N1, 000 for the two of you. He will find this very ridiculous because it’s like you want to put him to shame in the presence of your friend.

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4. Never Argue with Him

Broke guys like me (Tosyne2much) normally demand total submissiveness and high level of respect even more than rich guys that can afford to buy expensive things for their girlfriends. The best a lady can do is to avoid arguing with them even if you’re right and there wrong. Even if your broke boyfriend says Taribo West is the president of Zimbabwe, never argue with him if you don’t want him to feel he knows nothing because he isn’t financially upright. Always try to accord him with the respect he doesn’t even deserve and watch him treat you like the queen of England.

5. Appreciate any little thing He does

Showing mind of appreciation for every little things he does is one of the ways to have a peaceful relationship with a broke guy. Even if he buys you a cabin biscuit on your birthday, kind appreciate it and don’t hesitate to eat it in his presence. If possible, lick your fingers after eating it just to show you appreciate it, otherwise, this will make him feel you’re not appreciative in nature.

6. Avoid talking about Valentine

What broke guy hate the most is for ladies to think they aren’t capable of taking care of their responsibility. When valentine is approaching, avoid talking about the gift he’s going to get for you or where he’s taking you to. Majority of broke guys like me quickly loose interest in a woman who talks about valentine.

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7. Avoid keeping Wealthy Guys as Friends

If you want the best for yourself, ensure you avoid keeping financially buoyant men as friends otherwise he will begin to feel insecure about his possibility of loosing you to them. This is because he gets so jealous mere seeing you talking to a guy who owns a car or dresses expensively. As funny as it sounds, keeping broke men as friends is even better so that they won’t feel intimidated.

8. Buy Him Gifts

He might not be used to the idea of gifts and giving without any occasion to. So on a good day, go shopping, buy something cheap, give it to him. With time he’ll learn to do the same, out of shame, guilt or whatever. If possible, go to the market and use your money to buy food stuffs and cook delicacies for him

9. Hype Him in the presence of your Friends

Your friends may not respect him by the time they get to know about his financial incapacitation, the respect will just not be there anymore. The best thing to do is to always hype him and heap praises on him in the presence of your friends. Talk about how he’s the best man you’ve ever come across and his self esteem will elevate

10. Avoid passwording your phone

Locking your phone will make him feel you’re cheating on him and that you don’t want him to suspect. Even if you lock your phone, never hesitate to let him know your password if you don’t want him nag you to death.

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