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5 Years Old Boy Tears Up N2.7M Of His Fathers Money When left Home Alone



A five-year-old in China has ripped up £5,500 worth of bank notes after he was left at home alone by his parents.

The boy’s parents were shocked to find the torn up notes when they returned to their house in Qingdao on May 20, reports Huanqiu, an affiliation with the People’s Daily Online.

The father took the notes to the bank however once there, he was told that they could only replace them if he could reconstruct the notes.

Costly: The five-year-old had been left at home unattended when he ripped up the notes

The child found the 50,000 yuan of hidden cash while he was left alone at home

Father whose hand was sewn into his STOMACH to heal after it…

According to reports, the child found the hidden cash while he was left at home unattended.

The five-year-old played with the cash worth 50,000 yuan (£5,500) before then tearing it up into tiny pieces.

The father surnamed Gao told reporters that he had tried to take the pieces to the bank and exchange them for new notes.

Serious consequences: According to his father, the money was a loan from the bank

However workers at the bank told him he would have to stick all of the pieces together before they would give him fresh cash.

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Mr Gao says that the pieces are too small making him unable to reconstruct them.

He told reporters: ‘I carefully tried for two days, but really can only put together a few. Some were torn into three pieces while others were torn into a dozen.’

According to the father who is a businessman, the money was a loan from the bank.