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?! Shocking Video Of Baby Walking Few Minutes After Delivery



An incredible scene occurred at the delivery room in Brazil which has left the internet stunned after a video of the scene was published online.

The incredible moment which was captured on camera showed a baby girl who was just birthed walking a few minutes after doctors delivered her mother of her.

The shocking scene which occurred at a maternity hospital in Brazil went viral after a video wa uploaded on Facebook on Friday. The video has since garnered over 50 million views and 1.3 million shares since it surfaced online.

The video came as a shock as viewers could not believer their sight.

The midwife in the video who shared the same expression as other viewers was seen explaining that she had been trying to gibe the baby a bath but the child seems bent on getting up and walking out.

“Merciful father. I was trying to wash her here and she keeps getting up to walk. She has walked from here to here,” she said.