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I Will Become a Baby Mama If I Cannot Find a Good Husband – 46 Years Old Bimbo Akintola Declares



Veteran actress Bimbo Akintola is of the opinion that Nigeria’s conservative stance on marriage and single motherhood is shifting. In a recent interview with Punch the 46 year old actress is sure to ruffle some feathers with her proclamation that she sees absolutely nothing wrong with having a child out of wedlock and she would consider it.

She also believes the time has come for our society to rethink our thoughts on marriage.

When asked about the growing baby mama culture and if it is something she could do, she replied,

Of course, I can. Definitely I can do it because I don’t see anything wrong with it. Things are changing in the world at large. If you look around, you would find a lot of women are having babies and taking care of themselves. It’s everywhere. There are women who are not actors but are single mothers, and for a lot of people I think it’s about their biological clock. Instead of waiting for manna from heaven and you know there is no manna, and you feel the need to have children, then do it.
When asked how she would feel as a baby mama as the Yoruba culture seemingly makes it like a woman is incomplete without a man. She replied,

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We have to change our thinking, due to the time. You can’t be rooted in the past when the present and future are a totally different place. If you look at what is going on now, there are women looking for husband but can’t find. So would you now say because of that they shouldn’t have children? That’s unnecessary and it’s like making them suffer twice. I think for anybody that wants to have children, as long as you know you are capable of taking care of them financially and emotionally, why not.
She also gave her two cents on the mounting pressure our society puts on women to get married,

I guess these questions arise because of the country we live in and the kind of people we are. It’s also something I think we need to look at critically, because it seems we are creating more trouble for people, as marriages are now crashing within six months or even less. This is partly because the society puts a lot of pressure on people to get married. Shouldn’t we take a step backward and ask ourselves what we are doing wrong. It’s not about how soon, but how well? I think it’s time we realised that marriage is such a serious thing. Shouldn’t we allow people make their choices by themselves, without pressure? Parents should stop putting pressure on their children. Many women are divorced now and in some cases, there is serious fight and both of them would be fighting over the custody of the child. We need to start changing the way we look at marriage. It’s important we get married but marry at your own time.

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