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If you still do not trust web stores and online classifieds, you haven’t used Jiji yet. Jiji is not only the most convenient, but also the safest place for your purchases.

On Jiji, scam is not a problem. Advanced moderation of the website allows our support to stay in touch with users and lead effective moderation of users’ activity, meanwhile caring about their privacy.

User data monitoring, like email and phone verification, merchant history etc., helps to stay aware of everything going on the website. Any suspicious activity or scam alert never happens unnoticed.

Also, skilled professionals in Jiji office in Lagos are constantly working on the improvement of scam detection system. We’ve already managed to set effective and reliable user behavior monitoring, including browsing, typical pattern, proxy, IP, location, history, velocity etc.

We are not going to deny that there are scammers in Nigeria, but we know how to deal with them. Thanks to cooperation with our users, we have created Nigerian scammer list, available on Jiji Blog. Every user can check seller’s rating before buying something. Scam list created by Jiji is sent to the police, so no one will be able to escape the punishment for their crimes.

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Moreover, Jiji customer care line is available 24/7, and everyone is welcome to join our security care program any day at any time. To improve, contact us at [email protected] or by clicking on “Leave Feedback” button on the page of the item – leave your comment, feedback, information about unreliable or suspicious seller and their activity. All complaints are forwarded to our managers, who will check everything in the shortest terms and block a scammer.

Online shopping is safe if you remember several simple rules.

  • Never pay in advance.
  • Avoid unrealistic prices.
  • Never disclose personal financial information.
  • Ask as many questions as you feel like asking.
  • Arrange personal meetings in public places.
  • Check out safety tips before you start shopping.