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Port-Harcourt Prisoner Renounces Islam, Converts To Christianity



The Overall General of Port Harcourt Maximum Security Prison, Muslim faithful, Mr. Adeosun Kazeem, has renounced his faith after participating in the birthday celebration of General Overseer of Apostolic Army, Bishop Winning Willy Bunting.

Prison Bunting had celebrated his 55th birthday with convicted inmates in Port Harcourt prison, weekend.

Kazeem, who was convicted for murder in 2007 while in the Nigerian Army, weekend, rejected his faith and accepted to be a Christian. Speaking during the vote of thanks, Kazeem noted that he resolved to leave Islam as a result of love shown to him, pointing out that he was abandoned by his family members, friends and Muslim brethren immediately he was convicted.

He said that only Christians remembered and showed him love during his tribulation and that he finally accepted Christ when he saw the humility exhibited by the bishop.

In his birthday massage to the inmates, the Grand Commander of the Apostolic Army, Bishop Bunting, said that the choice of Port Harcourt prison for his birthday was to win souls for Christ on Good Friday.

He stated that there was need for reorganisation in the prison administration, adding that good infrastructure needed to be put in place to help in the reformation of the inmates.

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Bunting said: “My birthday had always been celebrated in places such as Government Houses and big event centres. This year, I was instructed by God Almighty to go the prisons and celebrate by 55th birthday that there is a gift for me.”

“God instructed that He wants to use my birthday to do a special thing. God specifically asked for those who have been convicted. The Overall General, who was a Muslim for 40 years accepted Jesus Christ and denounced Muslim. I believe that the strong hold of prison has been broken and there is freedom.”

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