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MONEY!!! Check Out Timaya’s Lifestyle, House & His 6 Luxurious Cars, Which Has Gone Viral



Have you seen Timaya’s house and cars? All famous Nigerian stars like expensive toys, Timaya is not an exception. Have a look.

Timaya (stage name) or Inetimi Alfred Odon is believed to be one of the most popular Nigerian celebrities – a singer and a songwriter. The most widespread genres in which he acts are Dancehall, Ragga, Afro Hip hop, Afro Beat, Soca. Such a great variety, don’t you think so?

In addition, he is supposed to be a founder of Dem Mama Soldiers group. Speaking about his career, Timaya has already released 6 albums, 

Below are list of his 6 albums;

– True Story;

– Gift And Grace;

– De Rebirth (in cooperation with Black Body Entertainment);

– LLNP Long Life N Prosperity;

– Upgrade;

– Epiphany.

Timaya’s talent and hard work bring him a powerful lot of money. Let’s have a peep into luxurious life of the famous star, his house and cars.

Timaya’s cars

As you may know, Timaya is a great lover of fashionable cars, you can get convinced in this by looking at the pictures of Timaya’s house and cars.

Nowadays he has 6 luxurious cars, among them, are: