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I Can Act Completely N00d In A Movie For N50 million – Controversial Maheeda At It Again



Caroline Sam, better known by her stage name Maheeda is at it again with her controversial comments. In a recent chat, Maheeda disclosed that she’s open to act Nood in a movie for N50 million.

According to her, “Yes, I will. If I have to go Nood in a movie, I’ll do it but the pay has got to be right”. How much will be fair enough to get you Nood on set?

She said: “I r e – ally don’t know, but we can start with N50 million”. She however insisted she’ll never do pornography, “No, no, no, I won’t do that. I can act a sex scene but not showing me in the actually act. I want to keep that for my man”.

Maheeda also said she’s addicted to nudity, sex and masturbation.

She was quoted to have said: ‘For me, I felt like daring it; it’s been what I wanted for a while but I always chickened out so I just took the bold step and I know that nudity is not evil, so I just started doing it’.

When asked if she has stopped she said; ‘I haven’t stopped, why should I stop?

If I have to do it in a musical video, I’ll do it’. On Masturbation, she said: “I like to masturbate too.

You know my husband is not always around, he’s a businessman so most of the time I’m alone.

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For instance I’ve been in Nigeria alone for about two months and I’ve been masturbating” she said.

On her sex life, she said: “I always say I love sex, I’m addicted to sex but honestly I can do it anytime as much as six times in a day as far as there is food and a little bit of drink”.

When asked if she uses a sex toy, she said; “I love to use my hands, it’s more sexy and sensitive that way but don’t get me wrong, I’m straight, I’m married to a man”.

Maheeda and her Beautiful Daughter

Maheeda who is currently in Lagos and ready to make a return to music after a three year break also revealed that her going away was to be with her daughter who needed her attention as she entered college in Holland.