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I Can Act Completely N00d In A Movie For N50 million – Controversial Maheeda At It Again




Caroline Sam, better known by her stage name Maheeda is at it again with her controversial comments. In a recent chat, Maheeda disclosed that she’s open to act Nood in a movie for N50 million.

According to her, “Yes, I will. If I have to go Nood in a movie, I’ll do it but the pay has got to be right”. How much will be fair enough to get you Nood on set?

She said: “I r e – ally don’t know, but we can start with N50 million”. She however insisted she’ll never do pornography, “No, no, no, I won’t do that. I can act a sex scene but not showing me in the actually act. I want to keep that for my man”.

Maheeda also said she’s addicted to nudity, sex and masturbation.

She was quoted to have said: ‘For me, I felt like daring it; it’s been what I wanted for a while but I always chickened out so I just took the bold step and I know that nudity is not evil, so I just started doing it’.

When asked if she has stopped she said; ‘I haven’t stopped, why should I stop?

If I have to do it in a musical video, I’ll do it’. On Masturbation, she said: “I like to masturbate too.

You know my husband is not always around, he’s a businessman so most of the time I’m alone.

For instance I’ve been in Nigeria alone for about two months and I’ve been masturbating” she said.

On her sex life, she said: “I always say I love sex, I’m addicted to sex but honestly I can do it anytime as much as six times in a day as far as there is food and a little bit of drink”.

When asked if she uses a sex toy, she said; “I love to use my hands, it’s more sexy and sensitive that way but don’t get me wrong, I’m straight, I’m married to a man”.

Maheeda and her Beautiful Daughter

Maheeda who is currently in Lagos and ready to make a return to music after a three year break also revealed that her going away was to be with her daughter who needed her attention as she entered college in Holland.