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Edujandon Visits ‘Life Changers Orphanage Home Festac’ as He Marks 25 Birthday..  Read My Experience



TODAY, I woke up with different thoughts, several things running in my head, though the year so far haven’t been that good, but I realized that since I was born I have never been hospitalized. Have been sick once in a while but have never been on a hospital bed cus I was sick. So it was dawn on me that I have to find a way to give back to the needy. So I picked up my phone and Google for Orphanage Home in Festac, after my research I discovered LIFE CHANGER ORPHANAGE HOME.

Flyers given to us

After my discovery I called one of the authors on, with user name yungrufmusic (Umeh Ogochukwu) and we set for the Orphanage located at 7th Avenue AA close House 6. On getting there we could hear the lovely voice of the children. We register at the gate and sat at the reception waiting. After a while the lady taking care of the children by name Ifeoma joined us, I told her my purpose of coming after which she called the children who came sang with their angelic voices and showered prayers and blessing on me Wishing me happy birthday. I was moved, touched and melted… almost in tears….i still can’t explain what triggered the tears but either ways i had this good feelings inside..

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After we handed over our ‘support’ to them, I asked her the challenges they were facing. She pointed out the following basic challenges ;

  • The orphans school fees
  • Feeding
  • House rent 

Remember you can’t take picture in the Orphanage with the children faces so we were given flyers to help create awareness. 

I must say that was a perfect way to start my day the feeling is totally different. So please if you are staying in Lagos kindly visit the Orphanage and support these children. 

Thanks for reading and happy birthday to me…..