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How To Register Your Business Name Online In Nigeria [Step by Step Guide] 



Do you know that you can register your business name online in Nigeria? I know you are like wow! right now. Many are already aware of this but encountered lots of challenges registering their business online with Corporate Affair Commission (CAC).

I will guide you on how to register your business name online in Nigeria with CAC on this post which is well detailed, and I will be using Edujandon Enterprise as a case study. This process will cost you approximately N12,000 Naira ; N500 for name availability check, 10,000 for business name registration, and the remaining N1,500 for other miscellaneous expenses such as printing and Internet sub.

Step 1

Visit the CAC website and click on create account to sign up. Before doing so make sure you have two different business names in mind. Make sure these name are unique and haven’t been use before.

Step 2

Now enter the two names of the business in the box, enter the one you prefer the most in the first box and the second option in the second box.

You will of required to make payment of N500. Make sure you download and print the receipt after this. To avoid repeating this stage make sure the business name you are submitting is unique. I advice you make your payment using your ATM card. Log back in after 48 hours to check if any of the name you submitted was approved. If yes then let’s move to the next stage.  Remember if you don’t commence to the next stage which is ‘registration of business name’ your approved name will be recycled and made available for any other person to use.

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Step 3

Download the bussing name Notice of Approval pdf. You will be using the serial number on this form to proceed to the next stage.

Now click on the registration icon on the CAC Web page. Make sure you are logged in.

Now enter the serial number on the Notice of Approval form to continue. Fill the form and continue

Step 4

After filling the form you will be required to make a payment of N10,000. Please don’t delete any of the mails from remita. Now download your payment receipt and registration form then print. It will be in pdf format. Also use the CAC office closest to you when filling the form cus that’s where the final verification and pick-off of Certificate of business registration  will take place. 

Step 5

This step is very important, I will call is stage printing of remitas payment receipt. Now go you mail and spot this mail from remit with subject Electronic Invoice payable by.. Now open the mail and write down the RRR number.

Step 6

Visit and enter your RRR which is a 12 digit code divided in fours example 1234-1234-1234.

Then remita will send you your payment receipt in pdf format which you should equally print.  Download all document necessary in the ‘action’  button

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Step 7

Walk to the CAC office closest to you, which you must have selected when filling the registration form. Now when going here are the list of document which you should go with.;

  1. Notice of Approval 
  2. Payment receipt of N500
  3. Payment receipt of N1000
  4. Your Registration Form (normally 3 pages) 
  5. Remita payment receipt of N1000

Remember to make two photocopies of all these documents before going. NOTE: You are not expected to pay any other penny at the CAC office 

After submitting these documents at the CAC the remaining process takes average of 14 days. But I have notices that it can be less than that at times. I logged in to the CAC portal that very day after coming back from CAC office and to my greatest surprise my business name registration have actually changed from pending approval to company number. Three days after you started seeing the Company number,you can now go back to CAC office to pick up your Certificate of Registration of Business.  Very easy right?! 

Incase you encounter any difficulties please do ensure to drop your comment so that I can guide you through. And if you will like us to assist you mails us on [email protected]. With just N50, 000 we will process and deliver your Certificate of Registration of business to your door step.

Thanks for reading and wish you the best of look in your business.

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