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$99M Bank Balance Zahra Buhari’s Husband, Ahmed Indimi Flaunted 6 Years Ago Wasn’t For Him (Photos)



Zahra Buhari’s husband, Ahmed Indimi who is the son of billionaire oil magnate, Mohammed Indimi in August 2013, broke the internet when he posted a photo of ‘his account balance’ which was worth over $99 million.

Well, 4 years after, he has been busted! It has been discovered that the account balance he flaunted belonged to David Alan Tepper, an American investor, hedge fund manager, and philanthropist.

In 2011, David took out $400 (£250) but forgot the slip, which showed his balance was $99,864,731.94. The piece of paper was picked up by a member of the public who passed it on to a financial blogger who posted it on the internet.

Guess Ahmed Indimi played us all with a 2011 bank balance of David Tepper. See below…