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Drama as Married General Manager Resigns After Impregnating a Co-worker (Photos)



​A married general manager of a leading firm in Zimbabwe known for having romantic affair with his staff members has landed into trouble after impregnating one of them. The man, David Kanyandu, who heads African Sun Casinos was said to have resigned after he was confronted on allegations that he impregnated a subordinate, Netiah Kusotera, whom he forced to terminate the pregnancy. But Netiah Kusotera refused to terminate the pregnancy. Their relationship was talk of the day and Netiah opened up to her close friends, hanzi anga asisanonoke kubasa achinonoka kuenda kumba vanhu vanga vongoti kudya kwemashefu,” said the source. “Kanyandu could not stand the heat after Netiah turned down his demands to terminate the pregnancy leading her to take the matter to Africa Sun head office where the matter was addressed. He was confronted leading to him to tender his resignation,” added the source.

While responding, Netiah said: “Who gave you that story first before I give my comment, my fears are that if I give my side of the story David will not give me support and I would struggle with the expected baby.

“I see it better if you can contact our bosses and get permission because it will affect my job as well as my relationship since I am pregnant. We can even come and sit down with David so that he also explains his side,” she added.

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The incident has generated drama as many people are already talking about it.

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