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BIG BROTHER NAIJA! Bassey Gladly Sucks Cocoice’s B00bs During One Hour Val Party (Video)



​On Big brother naija (Day 20), the housemates had a Valentine party in the house for one hour and they went to the dining table for the ‘Truth or dare’ game. Guess who started it, Gifty of course.

The highlight of tonight’s game was when Marvis dared Bassey to suck Coco ice nipples and she gave it to him without hesitating.

Press play to watch the video after the cut. Cocoice and Bassey are both up for eviction for tonight.

Other happenings include…………

  • Kemen kissed Uriel
  • Uriel gave Bassey a lap dance for ten seconds.
  • Gifty kissed TTT’s nipples.
  • Uriel dared Bisola to suck Bassey’s fingers and she did it.
  • Marvis dared Bassey yo suck Coco ice nipples.
  • Bassey dared Bally to give Tboss a lap dance and he did it.
  • Bisola licked Bassey’s back.
  • Bally dares Bassey to lick Uriel’s tongue and she drank to it.
  • Bassey dared Efe to kiss Bisola’s hair and he did it.
  • Bisola dared Efe to squeeze Uriel’s bum for 10 seconds and he did it.
  • Gifty dared Coco ice to give Kemen BJ and she did it but Big brotehr didn’t show it on TV.
  • Coco ice dared Tboss to give Kemen a BJ and she drank to it.
  • Tboss dared Bassey to lick Uriel’s bum and he did it.
  • Efe dared Bisola to twerk for 10 seconds and she did it.
  • Bisola dared Bally to give a lady head and he chose Bisola.
  • Bally dared Kemen to give Tboss a french kiss and she declined.
  • Kemen dared Bally to kiss,  two ladies for 10 seconds and he chose Bisola and Gifty.
  • Bally dared Tboss to kiss TTT and she drank to it.
  • TTT dared Bisola to kiss him and give him a lap dance. She did it.
  • Bisola dared Gifty to undress and rub her bosom on Bassey’s face and she did it.
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