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Adorable Moment School Kids Scream With Excitement at Science Teacher’s Surprise Valentine’s Day Proposal to Maths Teacher



According to mirror, ​Jason Seifert got down on one knee for Ally Barker after meeting each other at Harry Russell Elementary School in West Carrollton, Ohio

This is the adorable moment school kids screamed in excitement as their science teacher proposed to their maths teacher.

Jason Seifert got down on one knee for Ally Barker on Valentine’s Day after meeting each other at Harry Russell Elementary School in West Carrollton, Ohio.

Watch video below…. 

Mr Seifert said their students had suspected something was going on between them for months – and their suspicions were confirmed on Tuesday.

Footage shows Mr Seifert stood in front of all his students, before he asks if they had heard if him and “Miss Barker (are) dating.”

“The answer is yes, we are dating, he continues. “And, we are a little bit more than dating because I am completely in love with her. I was wondering if Miss Barker would like to become Mrs Seifert.”

Teachers and students then began screaming and rush over to hug the pair.

Miss Barker said she was shocked yet pleasantly surprised with her classroom proposal.

“Teaching is a really hard job and it’s really overwhelming, but we love our kids,” she said.

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“We see them more than we see our own kids and to keep them involved in that, it was really special.”

Miss Barker has a 5-year-old child from a previous relationship and Mr Seifert has two children, a 15-year-old and a 19-year-old.

Mr Seifert told ABC News : “I knew they would freak out, they’d be a little bit hyper and they were just overwhelmed with excitement.

“Some [said] they were snooping on Facebook and saw that we were in a relationship. There would be a brave kid that would make some comments like, ‘I heard you and Miss. Barker were dating.’ I’d say, ‘Really? You heard that? I hadn’t really heard that yet!'”

The pair started their relationship as best friends shortly after Barker, 28, joined the school two years ago.

Mr Seifert added: “I pretty much figured that we met because of that school, we became friends because of that school, we fell in love because of that school, so it made sense

“The teachers on our team, you become so close. We became a family there. I didn’t want those teachers to know [about the proposal] either.

“I spoke to my principal to make sure she thought it was appropriate to do and she was all for it.”

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The pair are getting married this autumn.

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