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Rapist Caught In University Of Ilorin’s Girls’ Hostel (Photo)



​An alleged rapist was reportedly caught earlier today by Hostel security in Kam Abioye (private) hostel, University of Ilorin.

According to a source (name with held) in the hostel who narrated how the incident occurred to TOONAIJ.COM’S representative, stated.

“He entered their room of two at 11:30 pm and told the girls that he wants to “Bleep” them.”

“So one of the girls told him that he should wait that they want to turn on the light so that they can see his face”

“Normally our light switch is beside the door so immediately the girl got to the door she opened it, ran out and started screaming for help”

“It was her voice that alerted the Gallant security men in the hostel and other resident students”

“So the guy ran out and tried to escape but the security men ran after him and later caught up with him”

“Then they dragged him back to the hostel and he was beaten to a pulp and bleeding profusely”

When asked if the female students beat him too, she said;

“Yes, Everybody beat him. Some even poured pepper on him”

On claims that he is a student of LAUTECH. She said;

“Yes, He claimed to be a student of LAUTECH but I don’t think he’s even a student”

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He was taken to the security unit and is currently being interrogated.

Intense Investigations are still being carried out to find out his true identity.