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Member Of Parliament Banned From Prime Minister’s House After Criticising Her Trousers



​Nicky Morgan who represents Loughborough constituency in the British parliament drew the ire of political bigwigs when she publicly criticised the Prime Minister, Theresa May for wearing £995 leather trousers. She was banned from attending a meeting at the Prime Minister’s official residence by Mrs May’s joint chief of staff Fiona Hill.

It all began when Morgan and and fellow MP Alistair Burt met Hill at Downing Street and were subsequently invited to table their cases before the Prime Minister herself at a later date.

The ‘Trousergate’ row as it has come to be known kicked off in earnest when Ms Morgan said: ‘My barometer is always, ‘How am I going to explain this in Loughborough market?’,’ adding that Mrs May’s trousers had ‘been noticed and discussed’ in party circles. She added: ‘I’ve never spent that much on anything – apart from my wedding dress.’

This ticked off Ms Hill who fired off a curt text to Alistair Burt telling him: ‘Don’t bring that woman to Downing Street again’. Ms Morgan was infuriated that rather than issue the rebuke directly, Ms Hill went through a man. The Loughborough MP replied with an equally sharp text asserting her independence as a woman and MP who doesn’t need to hang onto a man’s arm to see the Prime Minister.

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Three days later, No 10 Downing Street told Morgan formally her name had been axed from the list of MPs invited to see May on at the scheduled date. Aside the bizarre trousergate row, one can see from the infographic below that Theresa May does have a rather expensive fashion taste.