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How Sad! Beautiful Nigerian Girl Dies During Bitter Scuffle With Her Boyfriend (Photos)



​A young Nigerian girl has suffered a horribly tragic fate while she was engaging in a scuffle with her boyfriend.

A young Nigerian lady identified as Okonikhere Joy, has died a tragic death.

Joy allegedly died during a fight with her boyfriend.

One May Ebute, who posted the story on Facebook alleged that neighbours woke up only to discover the lady’s body lifeless.

The boyfriend was however apprehended and later confessed to what had happened.

Below is how May Ebute told the story:

She wrote: “So Okonikhere Joy died last night during a scuffle with her boyfriend.

“Neighbours woke up to find her dead body and her boyfriend missing. He was apprehended earlier today and he said, during the scuffle, he just put his hands around her neck to scare her and she stopped breathing.

“He said he didn’t mean to kill her. How can just putting your hands around someone’s neck kill them if not that the person was strangled?

“Well she’s dead now and no amount of ‘ l didn’t mean to kill her’ will bring her back.

“I just spoke with her brother and he confirmed the news.The murderer is presently cooling off in a police cell.

“I wish l could find the words to express the anger l’m feeling right now. May the soul of this lady rest in peace.”

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Below are more photos of Joy: