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GOOD NEWS: Don’t Panic, MMM Haven’t Crashed, See How To Make More Money on The Scheme Now



​As anxieties continue to mount over the suspension of the popular Mavrodi Mundial Moneybox, MMM, by its administrators; promoters, consultants and subscribers have assured both the participants and prospective participants that there is no better time to make more money than now.

Some of those who spoke to Saturday Vanguard maintained that the fear of the scheme crashing was misplaced, adding that other activities such as pledging to get help and registering for providing help were ongoing.

An unofficial consultant, analyst and participant in the scheme, Osa Amadi said despite the misconception of the suspension, it is the best time time to make money as all it is required is to pledge to give help of a certain amount of money while the money remains in the pocket pending the lifting of the suspension and maturity date.

According to him, “the fear of MMM crashing is misplaced. I know a lot of people were stampeded into withdrawing their money from the scheme, just like it happens in the conventional banks when there are rumors of distress and people begin to lose confidence. So, the MMM administrators got wind of that fears and moved to stem the impending catastrophe. So, they stopped withdrawal, while all other activities of the scheme are still going on such as the Mavrod growth. As at today, December 15, 2016, people are still getting orders to be matched with participants. By January, the scheme will open up fully and people will start receiving money again. There is no better time to make money in MMM than now.

He explained that: “if you offer to provide help, nobody will receive your money now based on the suspension of withdrawal. Your money will stay in your pocket for 30 days which is incidentally the maturity period in MMM. So, while your money is still in your pocket, it has matured for interest. The day you will be paying, the following day you will be collecting. Unlike before your money will have to be in the system for three weeks or more before you withdraw. It is a rare opportunity and experienced brokers like me will know that there is no better time to make money than now.”

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The problem was caused by the panic and remember that people are going on holidays, so everybody wanted their money for the Yuletide, and there was this mass withdrawal and the administrators had to stop the trend.

He maintained that some top members of the scheme who are called Guiders have been directed to pump money into the scheme in order to respond promptly to any shortfall in withdrawal request so as to keep the scheme going. “The Guiders are the leaders in MMM and they have received matching orders to move fund into the scheme. They are the highly rich participants in MMM. So, with this order, there will be excess fund to pay people in January.

A participant in the scheme, who does not want his name in print said: “Don’t panic, it’s all for good. Recently, MMM started a promo called holiday bonus in which they were giving 20% extra on top of the 30%. They instructed that the bonus would only go for new money not money that is already in the system. But participants as stubborn as they are wanted to withdraw money from the system and reinvest it to get the holiday bonus. If this was allowed, the withdrawal level will rise so high that it will surpass the donation level and finally crash the system. The bonus was meant for new money not old money in the MMM system already.

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“Remember, PH still continues only that people will be matched by January. Their Mavro will be growing but it won’t be matched till January when GH starts. If this measure wasn’t taken, MMM would have crashed last week. So, as the case is now, money will keep growing till January. Please don’t panic, MMM did this to ensure that the system is sustained and that it doesn’t crash.

A promoter known in the scheme as a Guider, who is believed to have benefited immensely from the scheme rationalised the move on the social media saying that it was meant to strengthen the scheme for continuity.

“I want to say that this new message that seems to be causing panic out there in the hearts of all MMM participants, does not say that nobody will be able to Get Help, GH until January, instead the message is saying that you will not be able to GH until after 30days that you actually made the payment of your PH and the recipient confirms. Meaning that your money must actually spend minimum of 30days outside. So, for example, if you are Providing Help PH of 100K on 5th November, and you are matched to pay on 10th November, assuming that you made the payment but the recipient does not confirm your order until 15th November when he finally confirms receipt of your payment, from that instant (15th November), your Mavros will change status to “confirmed” ( irrespective of colour Blue or Green ), so you will only be able to request for help (GH) on that particular 100k + 30% growth as from 15th December. It is not that you can’t GH before January.