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Check Out Imo State First Flyover (Photos)



​It is in pursuant of his urban renewal policies which anchors its flavours on IMO my pride philosophy that made Dr. Rochas Owelle Okorocha of IMO state to embark on the construction of two standard fly overs in IMO state.

One of the fly overs which you are conspicuously seen above has been completed and delivered.

It is situated along Okigwe road by the popular glass house.

The second fly over which is presently nearing completion is also located in Owerri,precisely at Amakohia new road junction.

It is quite disheartening and extremely fallacious for some of our brothers from the other side of the political divide to come here and raise a false alarm as usual that the Orji fly over has cracked.

Don’t ever mind them brother. They are just wailing for nothing as usual.

The fly over as you can confirm from the above picture is stoutly standing strong and has been adjudged as one of the best.

May God continue to bless Owelle Igbo Nile for us. Amen.

Jeff Unamma

RMSMG Secretary.

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