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Akwa Ibom Man Shocks Everybody By Returning N1.8m Overpaid To Him By Govt. (Pics)



​Sincere people are in Nigeria. A typical example is Leo Leo Umana, who was mistakenly overpaid to the tune of one million eight thousand Naira (N1,008,000) by Akwa Ibom State Secondary Education Board (AK-SUBEB).

The Ikot Ekpene borWednesday, 7th December, 2016, paid back the said amount into the account of SUBEB in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom State capital.

Mr Leo Umana took to Facebook to share the news and wrote….

“This is unprecedented, it has never happened, you are indeed a good man. God ll bless you and your family”. AMEN.

Mr Inyang

Account Section


I had a contract job with State Universal Education Board (SUBEB). After the job completion, I was mistakenly over-paid with sum of 1 million, Eight Thousand Naira only (1,008,000.00).

When I discovered the discrepancy, I notified the Account Department, and I promised to refund the said amount of money. Firstly, they were shocked by my action as a Nigerian, as it was not discovered by the Auditors.

Today being 7th of December, 2016, as a true patriot and a servant of the Most High God with the fear of God, humanity, conscience and future:

I, Mr Leo Leo Umana on behalf of myself, my wife and kids paid the sum of ONE MILLION, EIGHT THOUSAND NAIRA (1, 008,000.00) back into the AK-UBE ACCOUNT.

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Attached here is the Cheque and deposit slips.

In a time like this recession and Economic quagmire, Xmas, school fees, it would have been very useful but I thank God for the grace and conscience to report and return the money.

And I know, by His grace and mercy, I have saved the man’s career and job. I am a satisfied man even in my condition.

All glory return to God’