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WOW! See 10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Chubby Woman



​Everyone has qualities that they want in women and they would most times not deviate from it. While some men love slim girls, others love their women chubby. The truth however is that not many men will want to go out of their way to date chubby women, especially if they are slim. There are however a number of beneficial reasons to date a chubby girl. As a matter of fact, men that have tried it have attested to the fact that it is much more enjoyable (especially the time in the sack) than being with a skinny woman.

Chubby girls are wonderful people that will bring fun, laughter and sexual satisfaction in your life. If you’re wondering why you should date a chubby girl, here are some reasons to do so.

They’re Easy To Talk To

One of the things that make women that are on the fat side easy to talk to is the fact that they can talk about almost anything. This is usually because they have made it a point of duty to focus their thoughts and thinking processes more on their brains and their personality as opposed to their looks. This makes it easy for them to engage in a wide array of topics that will chase boredom away.

The Sex Is Wet And Awesome

Perhaps due to the fleshy bodies of fat girls, sex with them is usually wet and awesome. Moreover, their honeypots hardly gets dry because they usually feel juicy and jelly-like once they get aroused.

While chubby girls may get exhausted faster than their slimmer counterparts, they are always open to trying new sexual ideas in bed. Also, the thick thighs of these women provide good cushion when she goes on top of you which can make the orgasm an intense one.

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They’re Warm

The definition of warm can range from their personalities to their bodies. Chubby girls are usually warm both physically and emotionally. Hugs and cuddles with them will make you feel well at home than any other type of body type can.

Furthermore, a lot of fat girls love hugging and cuddling which is a good way of showing affection. If you love affection, you definitely can’t go wrong with dating chubby girls, provided you show the same level of care. An added advantage is that they have softer skin than skinny girls which makes cuddling much more fun.


If you are the type that loves having good conversations, the chances of you getting bored whole dating a chubby girl is slim. This is because a lot of them are opinionated and are never shy about expressing their thoughts on any exciting and unpredictable conversation.

Their Big Body Encourages Adventure

A chubby woman’s body provides space for exploration and adventure which can bring up a lot of surprises. New beauty spots can be discovered everyday including her bosom , her thighs and nether regions. More so, you can seek comfort in their Bosom as most are good comforters.

Most Enjoy laughing

Every man loves seeing smiles and laughter on the face of their woman, even when our jokes are not funny. Chubby girls are however a special breed as they are full of life, fun and laughter. These attributes can surely satisfy your cravings.

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They Exude Charm

Plump women know that you’d most likely not be attracted to them because of their looks as you would to ladies that are smaller and curvy. They compensate for this by being sociable and charming which will make them better overall.

Interesting Personality

A lot of slim pretty women have awful attitude and personalities mostly because they think that the world revolves them. This is something you’d however not deal with when you date a fat girl. Chubby girls have fun and interesting personalities which makes them easy to deal and hang around with since they don’t think the world revolves around them.

They Will Follow You Everywhere

Fat girls are usually not just willing to chill with their partners, but will also go anywhere their partners want. They usually have no issues with spending long hours with you and changing their plans and schedules to accommodate yours. Whether you want to hang out at the beach or an exotic location far from where she stays, she will be there for you.

She’s Unavailable To Just Any Guy

Dating slim girls will require you to fend off guys from time to time. This experience is something that you will most likely not experience when dating a fat girl since a lot of guys prefer to hit on women who have a body that’s similar to a figure usually reserved for models. As a result, you can have peace of mind and be rest assured that your girl won’t be stolen from you.