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U.S Election: Hillary Clinton Takes 3-point Poll Lead over Donald Trump with Four Days to Go



​Despite the e-mail leak of Hillary Clinton as exposed by Wiki Leaks, she is still topping her counterpart Donald Trump in the presidential polls.

With four days to go before election day, one new poll gives Hillary Clinton a three-point national lead over Donald Trump.

The poll also suggests that the majority of voters have already made up their minds and that the latest revelations and accusations about both candidates have made marginal difference.

The poll published by New York Times/CBS News gives a small lead to the Democrats, saying 45% of voters are supporting Mrs Clinton, with 42 backing Mr Trump. While that lead may be leapt on by supporters of Mrs Clinton, experts point out that it is within the poll’s margin of sampling error.

The poll puts Libertarian Party candidate, Gary Johnson, on five points and Green Party candidate, Jill Stein, on four points.

More than 22 million Americans have already cast their ballots, and roughly one in five likely voters who participated in the poll said they had already voted.

The findings of that poll are very similar to one commissioned by ABC News/Washington Post which have been operating a tracking poll that scored the race 47-45 in favor of Mrs Clinton.

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Pollsters said the race has gone from a one-point advantage in favour of Mr Trump to a two-point lead to Mrs Clinton over the last four averages.

The nationwide polls may underscore the advantage most experts believe Mrs Clinton has, based on the fact that she is leading in many swing states such as Pennsylvania and Wisconsin that are all but essential to secure if a candidate is to reach the White House.

Other battleground states, including New Hampshire and Colorado, suggested a slight lead for Mr Trump.

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