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Soldiers Reveals Unknown Details of Slain Nigerian Military Commander, Abu Ali



​The world seems to be singing the praises of the Nigerian military commander, Lieutenant Colonel Muhammadu Abu Ali who was killed last week week Friday night at Mallam Fatori, northern Borno.

Since the demise of Lieutenant Colonel Muhammadu Abu Ali, the Nigerian online and social media space has been awash with messages of condolence and achievements recorded in protecting the territorial integrity of Nigeria against the recalcitrant Boko Haram sect who has been on rampage since 2009 leaving over 20,000 people dead and over 2 million others displaced.

 Apart from his last message to the troops at the front-line which reads “…… Gentlemen stay alert and be alive, and be prayerful, I don’t want any of my soldier injured or lost his life in this operation, and if at all someone may go down let me be the one,” which has gone viral online.

Another Nigerian soldier, Yusuf Muktar close to the late family man has penned another heart-rendering piece which can be read below:

O Allah! Muhammad Abu Ali, my brother, my friend my course mate and my boss. A humble, simple and epitome of humility. U were indeed a source of inspiration, a confidence builder and a game changer. When pple mention only Baga as ur success, I said how? Because Baga is the list of ur treasures.

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U started from yola axis which u cleared n liberated all the communities under BHT (Boko Haram territory). U where later moved to Borno to continue when all loc were under the control of BHT less Konduga and Damboa. U led the operation to capture mongunu and later Baga. U were brought to us in Konduga when we failed to mov fwd after several attempt n we were pushed back by BHT on that axis.

With ur arrival, everything changed. U led us thru Yale to capture bama, banki junc, pulka and Gwoza. I remember when BHT lowered and fire 105mm pack hewitzer on ur tank, used VBIED to charge thru ur tank during d battle to capture Gwoza. We were all crying and shouting thinking some bad would have happened but the almighty said it was not ur time.

On hearing ur voice on radio, soldiers begin to jubilate as ur voice alone boost our morale n we became more violent toward BH (Boko Haram), catching them by hand. I remember when u use to tell us gentlemen just follow me behind and do only 5 per cent n I will do the 95. U were the first to enter sambisa after u led the capture of yemteke and Bita when bita became impossible.

U led the adv into sambisa and rescued the first 296 women. They sent a helicopter to carry u from there for u to lead another offensive to capture Gamborun Ngala. A job u accomplished without hesitation. I remember, u left me in Gwoza and after every 2 days u call or chart to hear how I am doin. And when BHT sustain us for good 5 days of continues attk in Gwoza, u always call to offer me advice on how to go about them.

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Ur advices had really worked as we always beat dem. Abu Ali. U are d only person in the NA (Nigerian Army) that can do what u did to dis country. U took part and led all the measure operations to liberate all the communities and clear all BHT hide outs and enclaves in the NE (North-east) from Yola to Borno.

Only God can pay u. And I pray that God grant u jannatul Fiddausi and give ur family and all of us the fortitude to beer this irreparable loss. Adeu my mentor and brother.”

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