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So Hilarious! Checkout 20 Very Funny Banners That Prove Africa Has The Coolest Church Programmes



​Africa has a lot of churches. And these churches have various programmes.

Here are some hilarious banners for church programmes that will make you laugh harder than you should.

1. Aint we all … *Wipes sweat*

2. They say ‘Season 1’ … Lol

3. This thing make serious with threats

4. This question though

5. Now that being single is a disability, this is all single people need

6. To all the beautiful sisters out there

7. How to identify whaaaaaat?

8. Where are my Ibo people? Jesus Christ is your great grandfather

9. I can’t think madness

10. Hallelujah!!!

11. The themes for this one be plenty

12. Ask again. Wetin I do you?

13. Please, answer the question

14. The picture on the banner has seriousness written all over … Lol

15. Breaking News!!!

16. Good question

17. This is catchy. Herh you do all

18. You see the axe?

19. Ibe so

20. And if all these do not work, America here we come

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